• Affordable Small Elevators for your home CITI Elevator

    CITI Elevator is proud to introduce our new range of Small Elevators for the home. This unique line of personal elevators has been designed to fit easily and conveniently into your home. It can carry 2-3 people, luggage, boxes etc, unlike a stairlift which is designed specifically for one person.

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  • Shaft-Less Elevator Elevators Nationwide Lifts

    Shaft-Less Elevator. Shaft-Less Duo: The Duo is an economical way to add an elevator to any 2 story home. The small footprint and shaft-less design allows it to easily fit in typical floorplans. The site preparation is very minimal, keeping the costs low. The Vista option adds a clear polycarbonate panel to the back of the cab.

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    Hydraulic elevators are heavy-duty home elevators. They have a standard weight capacity of 750 lbs. and can even carry up to 1000 lbs. This type of elevator will require a full hoist-way enclosure on every floor, a pit at the lowest landing and a separate machine room. Hydraulic elevators operate with a hydraulic piston to raise and lower the cab.

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    Low maintenance costs saves tens of thousands spent over an elevator’s 25-year life span. Interior quality. UL–validated, low-emitting materials exceed stringent indoor air quality standards. Low-rise hydraulic elevators You can choose enviromax, a product with the Platinum Material Health Certificate.

  • Shaftless Elevators Top 5 Models & Manufacturers

    The major advantage of a shaft-less elevator is the option to have it installed in a completely open floor plan. The ASME A17.1 and A17.7 2010 elevator code permit a home elevator to travel between one floor without an enclosure. If the elevator is not enclosed the